West Highland Flora

Himalayan Cotoneaster

Cotoneaster simonsii


Cotoneaster simonsii

Photo Carl Farmer
22 Feb 2003 Portree, Skye
Leaf on bottom left 22x11 mm
Fruit on right of bottom two 13x9 mm

Not native to Britain but grown in gardens and parks and frequently bird-sown in the wild.  Quite common in scrubby ground, forestry rides or beside burns, sometimes well up the hillside.

Fruit c 8-10 mm long.  Leaves typically 2 cm long.

ID: Leaves broadest near the middle, sometimes rather rhomboid, over 15 mm long.  There are a great many other Cotoneaster species which occasionally escape into the wild and the description given here may not rule out all of them.

Other features: Growth form is like a small upright tree, not a low or rock-hugging plant like other common escaped Cotoneasters.  Leaves have a silky feel with appressed hairs above and below.  Flowers and fruit in groups of 2-4.


Cotoneaster simonsii

Photo Carl Farmer
12 Sep 2002 Portree, Skye

Leaves turning red, fruit still green - late summer

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