West Highland Flora

Heath Spotted x Fragrant Orchid

x Dactylodenia legrandiana

= Dactylorhiza maculata x Gymnadenia conopsea

x Dactylodenia legrandiana

Photo Patrick Butler

Rare in heather moorland

Lowest petal c 10-15 mm wide

ID: Intermediate between the parents, Heath Spotted Orchid and Fragrant Orchid.  Difficult to identify with certainty as Fragrant Orchid is liable to hybridise with other Dactylorhiza species.  The plant in the picture was determined by an expert.  The spur is long and narrow as in Fragrant O and the flowers are scented - this determines the Gymnadenia parent.  The dots and lines on the lip determine that the other parent is Dactylorhiza.  The best clue to its identity is to see which D species are growing nearby.

Other features: Leaves normally spotted.

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