West Highland Flora

Reed Canary-grass

Phalaris arundinacea


Phalaris arundinacea

Photo Carl Farmer
10 Aug 2002 Broadford, Skye

Frequent around lowland pools, ditches and marshy areas.

Stems to 200 cm high.  Spikelets 5-6 mm long.

ID: Ligule 6-16 mm long.  Spikelets one-flowered, the flower at least 1 mm shorter than both glumes (actually spikelet also contains 1 or 2 very small sterile florets which are hard to see).  No awns.  Glumes hairless, less than twice as long as broad, c 5-6 mm long.

Other features: Reed-like in habit, but the true Reed has many-flowered spikelets and a fringe of hairs for a ligule.

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