West Highland Flora

Silver Hair-grass

Aira caryophyllea


Aira caryophyllea

Photo Carl Farmer
2 Oct 2004 Storr Lochs area, Skye
Picture c 7.5 cm high

Occasional on walls and in similar dry places.

Only picture so far is of skeletal autumn remains.

Stems typically 10-25 cm tall.  Spikelets c 2-3.5 mm long.

ID: 2 spikelets per flower, the tops of the lemmas just short of the tops of the glumes, but the lemmas having awns which project well past the glumes.  Panicle spreading, not narrow like Early Hair-grass  Leaves inrolled or channelled, less than 0.5 mm wide.  Distinguished from all Deschampsia species by the spikelets being less than 4 mm long and the awns well protruding.

Other features: Annual.  As with Early H-g, the awn arises at about 1/3 way up back of lemma.  The two spikelets arise about 1/8 of their length apart.  Leaf-sheaths somewhat rough.

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