West Highland Flora

Shore Horsetail

Equisetum x litorale

A hybrid between Field Horsetail and Water Horsetail

Equisetum x litorale

Photo Carl Farmer
16 Jun 2003 Portree, Skye
10 mm from tip of cone to base of its sheath

Occasional where the parents grow together.

Stem diameter c 3-7 mm

ID: Cone-bearing stems are green and branched, and have prominent ridges, easily felt to the touch, like Field Horsetail, not a smooth surface like Water Horsetail  Sheaths have as many teeth as there are stem ridges.  Branches mostly 4 or 5 angled, their lowest internode being not greatly different in length from the stem sheath at that point.

Other features: Very variable, as both parents are.  Central hollow of stem about 65-75% of stem width.  Stem sheaths have long pointed teeth, black in the upper half, or at least at the tip.

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