West Highland Flora

Star Sedge

Carex echinata


Carex echinata

Photo Carl Farmer
20 Aug 2002 Penifiler, Skye

Common on wet moorland

Fruit c 3-4 mm long.  Stems to c 15-30 cm tall.  Leaves 1-2.5 mm wide.

ID: Spikes about 3-4, unstalked, with fruits spreading in all directions to give star effect.

Other features: Top spike is female above and male below, the other spikes are all female.  Dioecious Sedge, Flea Sedge and Few-flowered Sedge have fruit spreading in a somewhat similar way, but they all have a single spike per stem, whereas Star Sedge has the fruit clustered into 3 or 4 unstalked spikes.  False Fox Sedge has a similar arrangement but with far more fruits per spike and a much denser look, removing any risk of confusion.

Bracts of spikes normally like a slightly lengthened glume.



Photo Carl Farmer
3 Aug 2002 Portree, Skye

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