West Highland Flora

Distant Sedge

Carex distans


Carex distans

Photo Craig Robson
(14 Jul 2004 Ardnamurchan)

Occasional in rocky or marshy ground by the shore.

Stems to c 45 cm.  Fruit c 3.5-4.5 mm.  Female spikes c 12-20 mm long.

ID: 1 (occasionally 2) male spikes above 2-3 well-spaced female spikes.  Fruit with a notched beak 1 mm long or more.  Beak rough.  Fruit with several equal ribs (Green-ribbed Sedge has only 2 ribs).  Bract of lowest female spike not long enough to reach stem tip.  Female glumes do not have broad pale margins like Tawny Sedge.  Told from Smooth Sedge by fruit being under 5 mm long.

Other features: 3 stigmas.  Bract of lowest female spike sheathing the stem at base.  Leaves taper evenly to tip without the terminal narrow section of Tawny Sedge.

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