West Highland Flora

Mossy Cyphel

Minuartia sedoides

Other name: Cherleria sedoides

Minuartia sedoides

Photo Carl Farmer
13 Jul 2004 Lealt, Skye
Flower c 5 mm across

Plentiful on some mountains, rare on others, and absent from many more.  Seems to like bare rocky ground in Skye but wet flushes in Argyll.

Flower diameter c 4-5.5 mm

ID: 5 green sepals; petals usually absent, if present then minute.  Leaves narrow and tapering.  Differs from Pearlworts in leaves being stiff.

Other features: Forms extensive low cushions or mats, the flowers hardly protruding from the cushion.  10 stamens and 3 styles but some flowers are unisexual or incomplete.


Minuartia sedoides

Photo Carl Farmer
17 Jul 2003 Storr, Skye
Flower 5 mm across excluding stamens

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