West Highland Flora

Balearic Sandwort

Arenaria balearica


Arenaria balearica

Photo Carl Farmer
22 Jun 2004 Oskaig, Raasay
Flowers c 8 mm diameter

Rare garden escape, on walls or rocks.

Flower diameter c 6-8 mm; leaves 1-2 mm long.

ID: Unique combination of tiny oval stalked leaves and relatively large white flowers.  Even without flowers the cushions of tiny, often purplish, rounded-tipped leaves with a stalk about equal to the blade, is unique.  Mossy Saxifrage is a cushion plant with white flowers, but has pointed leaves.

Other features: Flowers solitary on long slender stalks.  Petals 5, about twice as long as sepals.  Stamens 10, styles 3.

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