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The species pages

Each species (or other appropriate taxon) on the site has its own page with photos and text.  The text includes a paragraph that begins "ID:"  In theory, if you find a plant that looks like the one in the pictures, and that meets all the conditions given in the ID paragraph, then you have your (provisional) identification.

As an example, the page for Slender St John's Wort has:

ID: Stems round, not square or with raised lines, not hairy, creeping or very thin.

This assumes that your plant does look very much like the one in the picture, which will imply (in this case) that your plant is a St John's Wort .  There are numerous other plants (not St John's Worts) that meet the conditions of "Stems round, not square or with raised lines, not hairy, creeping or very thin" but none of these (if in flower) are likely to be confused with the one in the picture.

Extra features to help identification

After the ID paragraph I give some further features which may help to confirm the identification.  E.g, in the case of Slender St John's Wort they are:

Other features: Leaves almost clasping stem and with edges slightly downturned.  Petals have reddish markings and black gland-dots.


It goes without saying that identifications made from this site cannot be relied on without corroboration, and should only be made for purposes of personal enjoyment.  Anyone intending to base any decision on plant identification, for instance someone looking to use plants for edible or medicinal purposes or as indicators of land quality or any other purpose whatever, should not use this site for identification.  There are certain to be mistakes on this site.  If you find any, please let me know.

Reporting sightings

Any plant records can be reported to the appropriate BSBI recorder.

For vice-county 104, which includes Skye, the recorder is Dr Stephen Bungard.  His email address for records is

I am recorder for vice-county 98, which roughly comprises Argyll plus the part of Highland Region south of Loch/River Leven, minus Kintyre south of the Crinan Canal and minus outer islands such as Mull, Islay and Jura, but including the islands of Kerrera, Seil, Luing and Lismore.  My email is 

The vice-counties and their complex boundaries are shown on the Herbaria United site.  The BSBI site has the complete list of vice-county recorders.


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