West Highland Flora

Bay Willow

Salix pentandra


Salix pentandra

Photo Stuart Dunlop
Donegal Hedgerow Site
10 Aug 2004 Raphoe, Co Donegal

Not uncommon in Argyll but rare elsewhere.  Specimens near habitation are often of planted origin, but it does occur as a native.  Wet lowland situations, often beside burns.

Shrub or tree to c 7 m high.  Leaves c 5-12 cm long.

ID: Leaves dark green and glossy above, paler on the underside, hairless, somewhat leathery, c 2.5-4 x as long as broad, with acute tips.  Leaves somewhat fragrant, edged with small close gland-tipped teeth that ooze gum.  Twigs hairless, shiny. 

Other features: Stamens c 5 per flower, compared with 2-3 in all other Willow species. 

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