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Globe Flower

Trollius europaeus


Trollius europaeus

Photo Carl Farmer
30 May 2004 Glenvarragill, Skye
Flower c 2.9 cm across

Widespread but not particularly common.  In damp places out of reach of grazing and with some shade, including rock ledges in hills, banks of burns and wooded ravines.  Requires somewhat alkaline conditions.

Flower diameter c 20-45 cm

ID: Flower is almost spherical, unlike any other

Other features: Root leaves cut to the base into five lobes, each in turn divided into three lobes, and these deeply toothed.  Stem leaves even more deeply cut, with narrower segments.  Root leaves quite high off the ground, on very long ascending stalks.  Flower globe is made up of 10 sepals, which have taken over the function of petals in attracting insects.  The actual petals are narrow and hidden inside the globe.


Trollius europaeus

Photo Carl Farmer
13 Jul 2004 Trotternish Ridge, Skye
Flower c 4 cm across

On mountain rock ledge

  Trollius europaeus

Photo Carl Farmer
7 Jun 2003 Portree, Skye
Large leaf in upper R area of pic c 13 cm across at widest

The large leaf in this picture is from the base of the plant,
on a 50 cm stalk.  The more divided leaf to left of
centre is a stem leaf

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