West Highland Flora


Persicaria maculosa

Former name: Polygonum persicaria

Persicaria maculosa

Photo Carl Farmer
31 Aug 2002 Portree, Skye

Common on bare ground.

Flowerheads c 1 cm across

ID: Dark blotch in leaf centre (see pic) usually present.  Leaves tapering to both ends.  Stems reddish.  Upper leaves unstalked.  The main stalk of the inflorescence does not have a dense covering of yellow glands, as in Pale Persicaria, though it may occasionally have a few glands.

Other features: Stems swollen above nodes.  Sheathing stipules (ochreae) at base of leaf have a fringe of hairs generally 1-2 mm long around the top.  Flowers usually bright pink.  Pale Persicaria (P lapathifolium) is similar and also has the dark blotch on the leaves, but usually has green stems with the lower stipules unfringed and often greenish or dull pinkish-white flowers.  The fruit is has convex sides in Persicaria but concave sides in Pale P.

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