West Highland Flora

Thyme-leaved Sandwort

Arenaria serpyllifolia agg

Taken here to include A leptoclados, following Stace (1997)

Arenaria serpyllifolia agg

Photo Carl Farmer
(21 Mar 2004 Mallorca)
Corolla c 3 mm x 4 mm

Occasional, on bare soil or rock, sometimes on cultivated ground or walls.

Flower diameter c 5-8 mm, but corolla c 3-5 mm

ID: 5 white unnotched petals, clearly shorter than the sepals.  Styles 3.  Leaves shaped as shown, ciliate (i.e with hairs projecting all round the edge, visible in pic on left).  Leaves c 3-6 mm long, much smaller than those of Three-veined Sandwort, which always has many leaves over 10 cm long.

Other features: Annual or biennial.  Stamens 10.  Picture is probably subsp leptoclados.  Skye plants are probably subsp serpyllifolia.  The latter is larger than the former but the dimensions given here include both.  The only other visible difference between the two subspecies is in the fruit capsule which has curved sides in ssp serpyllifolia and straight sides in ssp leptoclados.

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